Adjust Your Hours

To change your hours, select My Hours from the Admin Panel.

These are added one day at a time. Lets start with an example.

You are a Food Truck that is open from 5pm until 9pm on Friday in Talofofo Bay

How to Add a Day

  1. Click on My hours from the admin panel, then click Add New.
  2. Type the day in the Title, for our example that would be Friday
  3. Add a location, for our example that would be Talofofo Bat
  4. Add your hours in format you choose, for our example we will say 5pm until 9pm but you could say 5pm-9pm or 5pm until sellout
  5. (Optional) Add a maps link so people can find your location easier using Google Maps. You can do this by finding the location on Google Maps and clicking share. That should give you a link to be able to share.
  6. Find a logo that fits your location from the list here and an accompanying color from here
  7. Make sure to use the correct formatting, for our example we want a water drop since it is near the bay. We will use fa-tint for our water drop and text-cyan for our color
  8. Click publish and then go check your Hours page to make sure the changes took.

How to Delete a Day

If your Friday night just isn’t working out and you have to delete it, no problem. There is a permanent delete as well as a way to save it as a draft so you can republish later instead of going through the entire process again.

If you wish to delete permanently, just go to My Hours, click on the day you wish to delete and hit Move to Trash.

If you wish to unpublish that day, go to My Hours, click on the day you wish to unpublish, and then where it says “Status: Published” click edit next to it, and go to “Draft” on the drop down menu and hit Update