Customizing Your Footer

The footer consists of 4 columns: 1 widget, 2 menus, and then a static (unchangeable) contact us section.

Column 1

Footer Widget Area (left) can be found in the Admin Panel under Appearance, and then Widgets.

Use a text widget and have the title be your business name and the text be a small description of the business or some other text you would like at the bottom of each page

Column 2 & 3

These columns are 2 separate menus.

You can either have separate menus like at the bottom of this page column 2 is portfolio links while column 3 is tutorial topics, or in the case of Songge Guam you can have both menus be the same topic and just have to balance the height difference.

To edit these menus, head to Admin Panel > Appearance > Menus. Once there you can select a menu to edit at the top or create a new one. You are able to add links to pages, external links, categories etc to your menus. Once you have it the way you would like, you choose where you would like that menu to be at the bottom of the page

Column 4

As of now, this is cannot be changed dynamically via the admin panel. If you would like to change any info here, email me